Week 30

I feel very big and tired often but really excited to hit the 30 week mark. We went to Baahubali part II with parents one day shy of week 30 and both the babies were kicking a lot during the loud war scenes. Maybe I shouldn’t have bothered them by exposing them to such loud noise…

After Baahubali, we went to have lunch at MTR and boy did i suffer from a bad bout of gas in my tummy. At first I wasn’t sure what that pain was…whether it was natural stretching of my belly or gas in my tummy. Luckily we had gaviscon and I had very little of it and it helped a lot. No MTR for me for a looong loong time.

Sleeping becomes increasingly difficult for long hours. Legs hurt if i stand for long. Back hurts as well and god bless dear husband for those massages that soothes the sore back.

We have been seriously considering getting a confinement nanny and are simultaneously reaching out to get a domestic help.

We met with Ms. A and her family and learnt that they are expecting as well in November and were very delighted to hear the good news.

I feel there is still so much left to do and so little time before the precious bundles come out of my tummy.


Week 28

I went in for 28-week scan at NUH yesterday. We completed 28 weeks day before yesterday.

At NUH, one of the nurses took me to a video screening room during the waiting time to educate me and a few other moms/dads-to-be on breastfeeding.

NUH calls itself a child-friendly hospital and is a strong advocate of breastfeeding. I found the video informative and the nurse was also there to explain a set of slides from a presentation.

My turn to get scanned came a whole hour and a half after the scheduled time and I got to see both the babies.

Peaches was head down during the last scan, now she is breech. So is Olive. Peaches weighs 1.1 Kgs and olive 1.04Kgs.

Placental position:

During my 22 week scan, the technician had mentioned that one of the placentae was low lying. But the doctor didn’t bring it up during the consultation.

So this time around, another technician checked for the position of the placenta and apparently it wasn’t lying low anymore. I was explained that as the uterus stretches, it moves the placenta away from the cervix in some cases.

I wanted to do a preregistration for labour, but it was lunch time anyway and the nurse was not around for counselling. We have our first prenatal class on 6th May where we have a hospital tour. So i plan to club the preregistration and financial counselling for labour at the same time.

I also learnt during this visit that the package I took covers only the scan on week 22 and week 32. Any scan in between will be charged for.

After the hospital visit, I went to IKEA for lunch and picked up some wash cloth. but I could feel pain in my belly even before I could complete the tour of the showroom to reach the restaurant.

Anyways, I am looking forward to the visit of parents and in-laws this week.

My next appointment is on 5th May with the Dr. SLL.

Week 20 updates

So we went for the week 20 scan at KK hospital at 9 am as per appointment. It was around 10.45 by the time it was our turn for the scan. We were really happy to be confirmed that one of the babies is a boy and the other is a girl. The lady scanned patiently but was unable to measure the heart size and take pictures of heart of the baby boy. so she asked me to come again at 12.15. VJ left for office after this and i drank a coke hoping baby would change positions to allow for the technician to finish her measurements. It didn’t work… So i was sent to a senior technician, who tried and then asked me to come after lunch at 2 PM and I had doctor’s appointment at 3.30 PM.

I was sent to another senior technician at 2.45 PM who finally managed to finish the measurements, but after a lot of poking that was needed. This left my belly button a bit sore.

After some amount of waiting, met the doctor at around 5 PM who said everything was fine as per the scan. By the end of the day, i was just so tired that i reached home and took a nap.