Week 30

I feel very big and tired often but really excited to hit the 30 week mark. We went to Baahubali part II with parents one day shy of week 30 and both the babies were kicking a lot during the loud war scenes. Maybe I shouldn’t have bothered them by exposing them to such loud noise…

After Baahubali, we went to have lunch at MTR and boy did i suffer from a bad bout of gas in my tummy. At first I wasn’t sure what that pain was…whether it was natural stretching of my belly or gas in my tummy. Luckily we had gaviscon and I had very little of it and it helped a lot. No MTR for me for a looong loong time.

Sleeping becomes increasingly difficult for long hours. Legs hurt if i stand for long. Back hurts as well and god bless dear husband for those massages that soothes the sore back.

We have been seriously considering getting a confinement nanny and are simultaneously reaching out to get a domestic help.

We met with Ms. A and her family and learnt that they are expecting as well in November and were very delighted to hear the good news.

I feel there is still so much left to do and so little time before the precious bundles come out of my tummy.


Week 18

Days seem to fly by…I feel that my bump has gone through a growth spurt in the last 5-6 days. I can no longer fit into my big baggy shorts. Adieu shorts for a while now. More clothes are being packed away and my wardrobe is becoming sparse and sparse. In a way, I am liking this phase of having fewer choices. Life is so simple…

We shall be having my first appointment with Dr.Su Lin Lin in NUH tomorrow and we are very much looking forward to it.

I have placed order for alva pocket diapers in chennai. Hopefully they will be useful. My last appointment at KKH was on 6th january at the end of 13w 3d after the 3rd month scan. The next appointment at KKH is at the end of 5th month on 23rd Feb.

Its so funny how my tummy gets filled up with gas these days. (sometimes a bit painful and uncomfortable) but the daddy and I choose to joke it out. Need to figure out the right kind of food to keep gas at bay.

The super mom expo is coming up next weekend. Need to prep for it. So far the amount of information that is readily available on their website is not nearly as exhaustive or readily accessible as with the earlier baby fairs this year. It will be put up closer to the event says the website.