week 26

On 6th April I had the glucose test to check for gestational diabetes.

I have a sweet tooth, have always had a sweet tooth. I am one of those who enjoys a little dessert post a meal. But since earlier in my pregnancy, I did not feel like indulging in a dessert. It wasn’t until my 5th month that I started having mango sago dessert from Honeymoon dessert chain once a week after Japanese classes and in my 6th month when VJ went to India for cousin’s wedding and brought back ladoos and kajayams, that i had had sweets in over 5-6 months.

The week before the glucose test, i had indulged in quite a few mangoes as afternoon after lunch dessert, this being summer season and banganapalli mangoes readily available.

So i reached the hospital and they drew a test tube full of blood sample. I was given a orangish drink to be drank in 10-15 mins. It was a bit too sweet to my liking and to have it empty stomach seemed an ordeal but then because i was hungry, it went it relatively easily.

Then they drew another two test tubes of blood samples in 1 hour intervals.

So at 9.40, 10.40 and 11.40, I had 3 samples drawn with the drink taken after the 9.40 am. I was advised against drinking water till 11.40.

Met with Dr.SLL for a regular scan and got back home.

The next day I got a text from the doctor saying test results were normal. I felt a weight lift off my shoulder.

On the 7th April, I visited the baby market at Expo on my own and bought a couple of mittens and booties, waterproof sheets, calendula aloe cream and a sailor dress for my newly born nephew.

The next day, I took VJ and we reached at 10 am and started back home at around 2 pm. It took so long since I took plenty of breaks in between to pee, to have a drink and to have lunch. We picked up mattresses, a couple of nursing bras, merries newborn diapers, wet wipes (one for baby’s bum and the other for hand and mouth), mustela baby toiletries + diaper rash cream, pureen laundry detergent, mattress protector, teats for bottles, nipple shells, bottle drying rack, bottle cleaning liquid, swaddles and a maternity dress.


Week 24

We completed 24 weeks past sunday.

I have a sudden spurt of energy level in general.
But still cannot totally dispense with my afternoon nap.
My tummy feels like it is full all the time and I can increasingly distinctly feel two different movements in two parts of the bump.

I picked up a couple of dresses from Cotton-on and it flatters my pregnancy bump. Will post some pics later on. We also visited Bove – spring maternity and picked up a pair of shorts and tights.

Week 23

This week, we finished 23 weeks and I can’t believe in about a week’s time, we’ll be entering the third trimester. I have been swimming on and off the past few weeks and every time I enter the pool, it’s a calming feeling. Tummy has become visibly slightly larger. I am packing away most of my clothes and gave a few salwars to be stitched. The twins seem to be a tranquil pair. Not much kicking / pulling to cause momma any discomfort. I keep listening to <cheap thrills> by Sia and I keep wondering if the babies enjoy the song as much as I do. Afternoon naps are becoming increasingly difficult because of the hot weather. VJ brought home a spectra S1 yesterday. I have  my glucose test scheduled on 6th april- 26 weeks into the pregnancy. My next appointment with doctor is only at 28 weeks on 17th next month. 

Week 22

We went for the week 22 scan at NUH. The scan itself was a relatively pleasant experience as compared to the 20 week scan. The doc who scanned was conscious about not hurting me and apologised when she had to press into my tummy to capture something if the baby was positioned making it difficult to scan.

Everything seemed alright. Peaches is to the left and lower half of tummy and Olive is to the right and upper part. Peaches weighs 477 gms and Olive 450 gms.

It took a while before i could meet with the doctor since she was attending to deliveries. Doctor prescribed oral progesterone in an effort to avoid premature delivery.

Week 21 – The babymoon

We finally decided to visit Lombok for our babymoon and boy am I glad we did it.

It was a 3 day trip. We left on friday morning from singapore and returned on sunday evening. We stayed in a resort called PuriMas in Sengigi and did a one day trip to Gili Trawangan island. The rest of the time was spent in the resort relaxing in the pool, restaurant or by the spa. The sunset view was beautiful from the resort and we enjoyed every bit of our stay.


Week 20 updates

So we went for the week 20 scan at KK hospital at 9 am as per appointment. It was around 10.45 by the time it was our turn for the scan. We were really happy to be confirmed that one of the babies is a boy and the other is a girl. The lady scanned patiently but was unable to measure the heart size and take pictures of heart of the baby boy. so she asked me to come again at 12.15. VJ left for office after this and i drank a coke hoping baby would change positions to allow for the technician to finish her measurements. It didn’t work… So i was sent to a senior technician, who tried and then asked me to come after lunch at 2 PM and I had doctor’s appointment at 3.30 PM.

I was sent to another senior technician at 2.45 PM who finally managed to finish the measurements, but after a lot of poking that was needed. This left my belly button a bit sore.

After some amount of waiting, met the doctor at around 5 PM who said everything was fine as per the scan. By the end of the day, i was just so tired that i reached home and took a nap.