Week 33

All the cloth diapers went through a wash cycle and are ready to be used when the time comes.

I developed an itchy belly button and had to resort to calamine lotion and anti fungal cream to help me feel better.

I have been having a cook come home and prepare meals since last week and it has been quite a help.

Met with Dr. SLL who again advised me to eat more meat, fish and avocado to put on more weight.

I developed a sore throat on friday and having been trying to soothe the pain that accompanies swallowing anything.

On Saturday the 20th May, we attended antenatal class on the labour experience. Before the class, we went to Vivocity and got myself a dress for the photoshoot.

We did a maternity photoshoot on sunday at the botanical gardens. We had to start from home as early as 6.15 am or so and reach the BG at 7.10 and we shot for around 2 hours. I was completely tired at the end of it.

During one of the shots, the photographer asked me to lean against a tree which had plenty of ants and it bit me all over, in the head, neck and went inside my dress… That was a lesson learnt…never to lean against a tree without checking who lives on it. 🙂


Week 32

Went for the week scan and the babies weighed 1.45 and 1.4 kgs. That was something like 6 percentile and 4 percentile – in the lower end of the weight spectrum. VJ couldn’t join for the scan as he was away in HK for 2 days and a night.

Coming back from the scan, all i have been doing is just eat and eat and eat hoping to beef up the babies.

On Saturday we attended the second session of antenatal classes where we were the only couple expecting twins. This session was more about nutrition and general changes to expect during pregnancy.

We visited an agency proposed by a friend that had helpers from the north east, but unfortunately, didn’t manage to find one who would suit us.

On Sunday, we went for a trial photoshoot by ourselves at gardens by the bay east. It was really tiring to walk or stand and I was growing restless. But we did have fun nonetheless.

We then went to interview some helpers at far east shopping center, but no luck yet.

Week 31

Yayyy! Officially completing 31 weeks today. 8 more weeks to go before our babies come home. Fingers crossed.

We met with Dr.SLL on friday morning. The babies seemed fine in the scan, however doctor said I could eat more. Olive had his head down this time and Peaches had her head up near my right ribs.

We also did the pre registration after visiting the doctor which included financial counselling. I was given a sheet with all cost details and another one to note down the number of baby movements from week 32 onwards.

We attended the first session of antenatal classes at NUH which comprised of hospital tour on Saturday. We visited the delivery suite, the recovery room, baby nursery, operating theatre and the place to do paperwork once the baby is born like birth certificate etc., NUH is a huge hospital and i felt like we were walking a lot from one place to another.

Later we went to have lunch at vivocity and went to shop at H&M since we were supposed to go for a baby girl’s birthday party with pink dress theme and i had nothing to wear in pink. I ended up being very cross with Yuva because he hesitated to stand in queue for me in front of ladies’ trial room.

My week 31 ended with a beautiful surprise from dear husband and our little village of friends in Singapore who threw a surprise baby shower. so it wasn’t the baby’s birthday party that i thought i was attending….I feel very grateful.

Week 27

VJ was sick off on 12 and 13th. It was good to see him although he was really tired and was still on office calls from home.

13th Robinson sale

Picked up changing mat and bath tub. Also managed to find a swimsuit that fits my 6 months pregnant body.

There was a time where I could shop for hours, but this time around, I couldn’t bear the weight of peaches and olive for more than 30 minutes and had to sit down.

14th – Friends had us over for Vishu and we had a yummy lunch in banana leaf.

15th – I had the blouse altered for the function when in-laws visit. Luckily the altered blouse fits me without having to do add a piece of cloth to make it fit.

16th – was spent in preparing the nursery by trying to remove the old furniture.

week 26

On 6th April I had the glucose test to check for gestational diabetes.

I have a sweet tooth, have always had a sweet tooth. I am one of those who enjoys a little dessert post a meal. But since earlier in my pregnancy, I did not feel like indulging in a dessert. It wasn’t until my 5th month that I started having mango sago dessert from Honeymoon dessert chain once a week after Japanese classes and in my 6th month when VJ went to India for cousin’s wedding and brought back ladoos and kajayams, that i had had sweets in over 5-6 months.

The week before the glucose test, i had indulged in quite a few mangoes as afternoon after lunch dessert, this being summer season and banganapalli mangoes readily available.

So i reached the hospital and they drew a test tube full of blood sample. I was given a orangish drink to be drank in 10-15 mins. It was a bit too sweet to my liking and to have it empty stomach seemed an ordeal but then because i was hungry, it went it relatively easily.

Then they drew another two test tubes of blood samples in 1 hour intervals.

So at 9.40, 10.40 and 11.40, I had 3 samples drawn with the drink taken after the 9.40 am. I was advised against drinking water till 11.40.

Met with Dr.SLL for a regular scan and got back home.

The next day I got a text from the doctor saying test results were normal. I felt a weight lift off my shoulder.

On the 7th April, I visited the baby market at Expo on my own and bought a couple of mittens and booties, waterproof sheets, calendula aloe cream and a sailor dress for my newly born nephew.

The next day, I took VJ and we reached at 10 am and started back home at around 2 pm. It took so long since I took plenty of breaks in between to pee, to have a drink and to have lunch. We picked up mattresses, a couple of nursing bras, merries newborn diapers, wet wipes (one for baby’s bum and the other for hand and mouth), mustela baby toiletries + diaper rash cream, pureen laundry detergent, mattress protector, teats for bottles, nipple shells, bottle drying rack, bottle cleaning liquid, swaddles and a maternity dress.