Week 33

All the cloth diapers went through a wash cycle and are ready to be used when the time comes.

I developed an itchy belly button and had to resort to calamine lotion and anti fungal cream to help me feel better.

I have been having a cook come home and prepare meals since last week and it has been quite a help.

Met with Dr. SLL who again advised me to eat more meat, fish and avocado to put on more weight.

I developed a sore throat on friday and having been trying to soothe the pain that accompanies swallowing anything.

On Saturday the 20th May, we attended antenatal class on the labour experience. Before the class, we went to Vivocity and got myself a dress for the photoshoot.

We did a maternity photoshoot on sunday at the botanical gardens. We had to start from home as early as 6.15 am or so and reach the BG at 7.10 and we shot for around 2 hours. I was completely tired at the end of it.

During one of the shots, the photographer asked me to lean against a tree which had plenty of ants and it bit me all over, in the head, neck and went inside my dress… That was a lesson learnt…never to lean against a tree without checking who lives on it. 🙂


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