Week 31

Yayyy! Officially completing 31 weeks today. 8 more weeks to go before our babies come home. Fingers crossed.

We met with Dr.SLL on friday morning. The babies seemed fine in the scan, however doctor said I could eat more. Olive had his head down this time and Peaches had her head up near my right ribs.

We also did the pre registration after visiting the doctor which included financial counselling. I was given a sheet with all cost details and another one to note down the number of baby movements from week 32 onwards.

We attended the first session of antenatal classes at NUH which comprised of hospital tour on Saturday. We visited the delivery suite, the recovery room, baby nursery, operating theatre and the place to do paperwork once the baby is born like birth certificate etc., NUH is a huge hospital and i felt like we were walking a lot from one place to another.

Later we went to have lunch at vivocity and went to shop at H&M since we were supposed to go for a baby girl’s birthday party with pink dress theme and i had nothing to wear in pink. I ended up being very cross with Yuva because he hesitated to stand in queue for me in front of ladies’ trial room.

My week 31 ended with a beautiful surprise from dear husband and our little village of friends in Singapore who threw a surprise baby shower. so it wasn’t the baby’s birthday party that i thought i was attending….I feel very grateful.


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