Week 29

We crossed the week 29 mark this Sunday.

VJ’s parents arrived on Thursday morning and my parents reached on Friday evening. On Sunday we had the traditional baby shower organized at our place.

Mother in law made tonnes of dishes – puliogare, mango rice, curd rice, coconut rice, pudina rice, carrot halwa, curd vada and pappu vada.

We finally announced to family and friends that we are expecting twins this week. It was a pleasure to see how each one of them reacted.

VJ’s brother announced that he is expecting as well this week. So family is bubbling with good news. Our cute little niece Ms.M visited us and we all enjoyed cuddling her. We used the combi to take her around and are now rethinking if it is a wise decision to get one.

In terms of baby’s activity there isnt much to comment. My belly has become slightly bigger and I find it hard to stand for any time longer than 10-15 minutes. I need to pay attention not to wear skirts without shorts as my thighs get easily chafed.


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